Our Clients

OliveJar (DfE)

OliveJar (DfE) 11/2018 - 06/2022

Spanning a number of different projects for Olive-Jar’s main client, Department for Education, I have been involved in development of both the "Get Information About Schools" and "Analyse School Performance" websites as well as supporting the azure platform and API backend they rely on.

Although these sites were primarily designed as standalone projects (C# ASP.Net, MVC and API projects), they are hosted on Azure making significant use of Azure DevOps for the build and release process, deployment slots for rapid switching, CosmosDB, Redis, Service-Bus, Azure Functions, and clustered APIs.

Acting as the technical team lead for teams of around six-eight including the mentoring or support of some of the more junior developers within an agile team structure.


RadioDetection 04/2018 - 10/2018

During the final stages of an existing development cycle, I was requested to enter this senior contract. The role included significant development aspects as well as bridging the architecture role.

Initially focussed on improving the performance of their existing, traditional C#/MVC/SQL application so that they may maintain their competitive advantage, I was also responsible for the architectural design of a future cloud-based microservices approach.

The architecture element required investigating third-parties PAAS providers & partnerships establishing the most suitable option (Azure ServiceFabric or Pivotal CloudFoundary), outlining a proof-of-concept and designing the least disruptive manner in which these may be introduced into the current system. This included SQL/NoSQL data-cached layers translated via ServiceBus technologies to API endpoints which would allow the transition of their current MVC project to that of a Single-Page-Application.

Abide Financial (Nex)

Abide Financial (Nex) 09/2017 - 04/2018

In the run-up to a major regulation change within the financial industry, Abide Financial requested my assistance in an overhaul of their data processing and reporting processes.

The role was primarily focussed around improving existing B2B data-processing and optimising performance throughout the system workflow in order to meet the new regulations and maintain their competitive edge within the market.

The workload required the delivery of a number of different AWS held microservice products, including standalone C# .Net solutions, dynamically generated SSRS/SSDT client reports, synchronised and automatically maintained ingestion and population of multimillion-record volumes of data from a number of different external sources to a Redis database which could then be exposed through an API to other factions of the parent group.


RAC 11/2016 - 09/2017

Having previous experience with cloud based development, the RAC asked me to get involved with the development and deployment of their latest user focussed project, “MyRAC”.

Developing within a Service Fabric environment, a suite of web-services were created allowing users to access their breakdown policies and documentation online for the first time. Security around such sensitive data was paramount, opting to use a third party (Gigya) as an authentication layer.

The underlying policy data was drawn from a number of different sources, accessing both internal data-stores and third-party system which were known to have regular downtime. This required some interesting solutions to provide a 24/7 user experience while maintaining performance.

Chorus Global

Chorus Global 06/2016 - 11/2016

Joining Chorus during the initial investigation of a greenfield project, I had been involved from the ground up in the architecture and development of a SaaS product.

Using the latest micro services frameworks, the C# solution was specifically designed for cloud services, creating an extensive WCF API which communicates via NServiceBus with the backend services. Azure being used for the message transport, storage (Blob, NoSQL and SQL as appropriate) and hosting.

UK Hydrographic Office

UK Hydrographic Office 06/2015 - 06/2016

Focussing on a Web based workflow solution written in C# using NServiceBus and K2 Blackpearl. The system relates to managing and controlling the quality of their oceanic charts through a Web interface, using Azure as a mechanism for third parties to communicate/share data with our secure internal network and generating to encrypted print files used for production/publication.

This has been a completely new use of the technology to the office and has required me to not only set up the Azure message queues (topics) and the Azure storage containers with the secure subscriber accounts, but also make the appropriate coding changes to reference the Azure api and liase with a third party print-house to ensure that the retrieval and publication of the final charts runs smoothly.

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust 09/2009 - May 2015

Following a successful 3 month trial of the Clinical Documentation system I had previously lead (separate contract detailed below), the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust requested that I return to complete development and trust wide rollout of the full document management and tracking system. The system requirements had changed dramatically following UAT so a full architecture refactoring was required based purely on an ASP.Net platform.

The completed and fully integrated electronic patient record and clinical documentation system is used throughout the entire hospital for electronic documentation, review, verification, and fully branded clinically-correct correspondence of every consent form, clinical event, activity, allergy, medication, treatment and any other patient event throughout the lifetime of care with the Royal Marsden.

The project is the flagship of the NHS Trust’s computing division handling 100,000+ page requests per day, over 3m documents per year requiring instant recall, scanning facilities, full audit trails, management control, user based roles, reporting facilities to spot trends of treatments, nurse/patient activity and conforms to critical clinical governance.

My Simple Friend

MySimpleFriend.com 07/2011 - Ongoing

A more entertaining use of social networking. MySimpleFriend allows users to document some of the more confused or humourus things that friends have said and is fully integrated with Facebook through its oAuth model.

Murrall Holdings

Murrall Holdings 06/2009 - 09/2009

Managing a small team of developers, I had been requested to structurally design and oversee a number major applications being developed. Unfortunately, due to financial issues with the holding organisation, the relatively young and previously successful company was forced to go into administration as the parent company collapsed.

Morgan Hunt

Morgan Hunt 01/2009 - 01/2013

Contracted to develop and maintain an entire Intranet architecture. The scripted solution was created in classic ASP and MSSQL due to their requirements with existing in house expertise. This Intranet manages a large number of bespoke data applications and automated notification systems, as well as allowing departmental control through a custom made limited CMS platform. The continuing development of modular projects is worked on remotely

Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign

Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign 02/2008 - 06/2009

Following the impact we had with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, the sister 'Cancer Campaign' requested an entire new site be developed and launched. This system, developed to make use of Microsoft CMS, ran several .net custom controls in order to link in with several different existing databases significant to the trust and live throughout both hospital sites.


Randstad 02/2008 - 08/2008

During a major change to the company Intranet, a request came through to over see the entire system and technical handover of content from the precious Holand site to an internal network while upgrading their Roxen Content Management System.

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust 12/2007 - 02/2008

Originally contracted to control the Intranet, Sharepoint, Web systems and content for the Trust, a previously postponed project was requested and also completed within the required timeframe. Further projects are in still in progress utilising ASP, C#, ASP.net, MCMS and Sharepoint.

Avon & Somerset

Avon & Somerset Police 07/2007 - 02/2008

Focused on a number of products requiring Security Clearance in order to generate truly bespoke applications with varying code requirements. These include; a regional ‘Road Traffic Accident’ tracking application to follow any reported incident, track the progress of each member involved (including any witnesses), automatically generate the correct forms and witness reports; VB.NET service to archive required databases, and run through an application containing 20GB of Police Intelligence Reports, archiving files which fall under a stringent criteria of age, frequency of use etc; VB.NET Intranet application allowing staff members to upload data and images to key areas of the site. If an image is too large, automatically resample the image to an appropriate size maintaining aspect ratio.


Sava Business Exchange 05/2007 - 07/2007

Working on a specific project from initial contact to the system architecture and development of a national Home-Inspector system which will allow full diary management (including call-centre management and automated appointment bookings depending on location and specialist knowledge) and to produce reports in accordance with the new Home Conditioning Reports which are soon to be mandatory when selling a property. The package was created in classic ASP working of a SQL2005 database to incorporate a vast number of bespoke systems and seamlessly merge with their current suite.


XIT2.com 03/2007 - 07/2007

XIT2, a leading organisation in mortgage exchange software, requested I joined them over the duration of a project which had been requested by one of their clients. The role was to act as a client-facing position within XIT2 and oversee the project lifecycle while developing the system.


Shaw-Trust.org.uk 03/2005 - 04/2008

Involved both on a consultancy and programming level, Intelligent Dimensions is currently working with Shaw-Trust during an entire Intranet systems overhaul. The network is currently being redesigned while an entirely new database driven Intranet site is created, and launched, allowing streamlined functionality and additional applications to be created.

The projects have so far included assisting with the network design, creating best-practice routines, automating current manual processes and streamlining existing scripts and applications.

British Airways CitiExpress

British Airways CitiExpress 06/2002 - 03/2005

Working as the lead Intranet Application Consultant for British Airways CitiExpress (a subsidiary of BA), projects focused on relieving departmental pressures by automating tasks online.

Managing the entire life-cycle of these bespoke systems which included creating a content management system, automating flight crew roster patterns, creating a fully auditable helpdesk system, introducing a thin-client portal using Citrix technologies and working alongside a small team to produce a more dynamic work ethic. The Intranet was also put through a rigorous redesign of both content and architecture, and is currently receiving over 25,000 hits a day.

Air SouthWest

AirSouthWest.com 06/2004 - 09/2004

During the initial stages of the companies formation, Air SouthWest requested assistance automating a selection of current systems.

Projects have included creating auditable reporting tool accessible to worldwide (development supported by the CAA) as well as automating current paper based administrative tasks.

Team Spirit Racing

TeamSpiritRacing.com 01/2004 - present


MichaelEvely.com 05/2003 - Present

In the first year of racing in the National BRDC Single Seater Championship this site has been created to promote Michael Evely and allow additional coverage of his results, sponsorship and advertising.


JohnAllinson.com 05/2002 - 08/2002

Internationally renowned Welsh artist John Allinson paints murals and portraits worldwide for individuals, companies, bars, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, in any internal or external location.


Future-People.co.uk 03/2002 - 05/2002

Future-People is a IT Recruitment agency which required a business critical database structure to be implimented, incorporating all internal processes allowing clients, candidates, jobs, applications and CV’s to be tracked.


R2WTrials.com 01/2002 - 03/2002

R2W is a small company who are interested in motorcycle and cycle trials.


TheLongestPainting.com 11-2002 - 12/2001

The World's Longest Painting is currently being completed to prelude Europe's newest and largest picture studio development.

The 1000 feet canvas painting will set a new world record and a copy will be erected and seen from the M4 motorway near Cardiff.


Uni-Reunion.com 08-2001 - 11/2001

This Completely Free re-introduction service for university students and graduates incorporates a heavily database driven search utility and confidential email service.